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Kristian Gudmunson

Teaching Professional


Greetings! I've been playing golf for over 37 years now, 30 as a professional. It is my great love. I've hit millions of shots in practice and play, coached and competed professionally in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. This vast experience has taught me the basic elements every shot requires for consistency and success... and this I will teach you:

• Select ONE shot, any shot, commit and setup to hit that ONE shot
• Start the ball on your intended line (through your gates)
• With the intended spin (left to right • right to left • straight)
• On the intended trajectory (low • medium • high)
• Read your ball flight (learn what just happened and why)
My job is to teach you to swing the club so you may do those things effectively and play your best golf... and it's much easier than you think! You will learn and understand how to become a consistently solid ball striker. In time, you will gain control over the flight of your ball enough to become reliable and creative during play. I will educate and guide you through HOW and WHAT to practice, practically, so you'll improve and make the most of your time. Progression is inevitable and quick, instilling confidence in yourself, trust in your skills, and belief in your game. You'll use your imagination in practice to develop your skills and apply them in play for some exciting and great golf.  
A wise old master once told me:  "A golfer must answer two essential questions before every shot."
1. Where do I want my ball to end up? (bunker, lake, trees, fairway, green, hole...)
2. How is it going to get it there? (straight, draw/hook, fade/slice, high, low...)


I will teach you to teach yourself to answer both questions effectively on every shot you strike. Cheers and good golfing... I look forward to helping you understand what you're doing to improve immediately!


30 minutes $50  •  1-Hour $100 (Juniors $50)  •  Four (1-Hour) $350  •  Six (1-Hour) $500
• 9-Hole Playing Lesson: $250 (includes fees & post-round analysis)
• High-Speed video analysis available (120 fps) | V1
• To book a lesson please call (530) 300-4972; or send an email to:
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