Teaching Staff

Keaton Swan

Keaton earned his degree in Golf Complex Operations and Management in 2018 from the Golf Academy of America in Chandler, AZ. Short time after, he became the Director of Instruction at TopGolf where he ran junior camps, clinics, and taught lessons for 3 years before moving back to his hometown of Elk Grove.

He believes that communication is the key to successful lessons and improvement. Practice is always more beneficial and productive if there is a purpose and goal involved. Improvement is measured through setting goals, which the student, along with Keaton’s guidance and support, will strive to achieve. Anyone can be a better golfer if they have the proper road map to follow. Keaton knows that there are many different swing types and that there is no one swing model for all golfers. Keaton loves teaching the game of golf, regardless of age or skill level, because he thinks its never too early or late to pick up the great game, we all know and love.

Adults: 1 Hour: $110
Juniors: 1 Hour: $70
9 Hole Playing Lesson: $250 (Includes Greens Fees and Cart)

To book a lesson with Assistant Professional Keaton Swan - email him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (916) 688-4653 ext. 18.

Jon Felts

Jon Felts began teaching golf in the Elk Grove area in 2002. Through his love of the game and passion for teaching, Jon opened The Golf Academy in 2008 and began using video analysis to help his students improve. In 2013 he opened Shotmakers Indoor Golf which housed two simulator bays.

Jon has given over 10,000 lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. His teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that every swing is unique to the individual but they all share a handful of core fundamentals. Jon's knowledge of swing mechanics runs deep, but he has an uncanny ability to communicate in a simple to understand way. His personality and teaching style make his students feel comfortable in every lesson.

Adults: 1 Hour: $100
Juniors: 1 Hour: $60

To book a lesson with Teaching Professional Jon Felts you can call or text him directly at (916) 847-8348, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pat Carroll

Pat is a former owner and operator of King of Clubs in Elk Grove. Pat began as a Sports Coach in 1977 and began training golfers in 2004.

Pat has coached all kinds of golfers from the raw beginners to the professional competitor. His students include James Reede, the United States African American Golfer of the Year and Pat Cornett, the U.S. Curtis Cup Captain. Professional competitors include the 2012 REMAX Open World Championship, Ryan Winther and the 2013 REMAX Women’s World Champion, Heather LeMaster.

His knowledge of the physics and biomechanics of the golf swing, as well as his ability to teach them, are beyond compare. Aside from his teaching achievements, Pat has also been ranked in the Top 100 nationally as clubfitter. Knowing how to get the right equipment into a golfer’s hands is a science and a talent. Also, as a certified club builder, Pat knows what it takes to perfectly fit clubs to get the most out of your swing.

To book a lesson with Pat he can be reached at (916) 870-8118

Clifford Cheathon, Sr. - Golf Professional

Cliff has participated in the PGA Apprentice program and has been enthusiasticly teaching golfers ever since. Cliff enjoys making instruction fun and challenging for students at all levels of the game. Cliff has been a high school varsity golf coach for 10 years and currently serves as the Head Varsity Golf Coach at Elk Grove High School and has taken that team to respectability in only a few short years.

Cliff is a level 2 First Tee coach and has a special interest in junior golfers and spends extra time developing their attitude, etiquette, rules of golf, swing concepts and course management skills. Cliff is a student of the game and would love to pass on his passion and knowledge to you.

To book a lesson with Cliff please call (916) 912-3864

Jordan Calanchini

7713 Vineyard Road, Sacramento, CA 95829